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Class Descriptions

Want to get the most out of every workout? This class is pumped up for those looking for a hard workout, but can be modified for those need it. Come for the challenge!

A fun and challenging workout with intense cardio and strength training using weights and your own body weight. Come for the challenge!

A workout designed to enhance the cardiovascular system. A mix of both strength and cardio to make this a balanced workout. Focused on the adult population. All levels welcome!

This class is a blend of aerobic exercise. Some of the likely elements of this cardio class will be Step Aerobics, Hi/Lo Aerobics, and Kickboxing. A great class to get your body moving for the day!

This class is designed for all age groups and fitness levels. Low impact moves that work all muscle groups of the upper body, lower body and core. You will get 45 minutes of strength training in a circuit format. A great way to get toned and in shape.

A low impact, fat burning workout that combines muscle sculpting of Pilates and flexibility of yoga with non-stop movement. Come and check out our newest class!

Experience the amazing benefits of Yoga as you strengthen, stretch & tone your body. Yoga also provides greater flexibility & balance, while allowing your mind to relax. All age groups and fitness levels welcome.

A combination of strength, flexibility, and low impact moves to help improve balance, posture and muscle tone. A great addition to your regular cardio and strength routines.