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Healthy employees are productive employees. Workers' compensation costs and health insurance costs directly impact any company's bottom line. Midwest Physical Therapy has a number of programs available to reduce both workers' compensation costs as well as health insurance costs. Our programs can decrease a company's lost or restricted work days, decrease OSHA recordables, and ultimately reduce cost. At the same time, these programs prevent injuries to employees or improve injury outcomes. A win-win for the employer and employee!

Industry Facts

  • The cost of job related injuries and illnesses in the United States are $250 billion, $31 billion more than the cost of all cancers and $76 billion more than the cost of all diabetes.
  • Two primary areas of increasing expenses for employers are workers' compensation and health insurance.
  • One low back injury that leads to surgery costs $150,000.
  • 75% of healthcare costs are preventable (Ex: high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity). Employees with these conditions are two times as likely to have a work related injury, and are five times less likely to return to work if they do get hurt at work.
  • The medical community has a poor track record of managing workers' compensation cases. It tends to be fractured and poorly coordinated.

Programs and Services

Worksite Wellness

  • Injury Prevention
  • Health and Wellness Programs


  • Job Demands Analysis (JDA)
  • Pre-placement Post-offer Test (PPPO)

Injury Management

  • Immediate Injury Consultation
  • Case Management
  • Structured Return to Work Program
  • Fit for Duty Testing

Our programs and services are tailored specifically to your company. We will design a program that is cost effective and specific to the needs of your company. Ask about our FREE injury screens!

The first step is to have an initial meeting to determine the needs of your company. There is No Cost for this meeting.

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