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Midwest Physical Therapy & Fitness Center is dedicated to helping you get your health on track!

HealthTracks is a program that provides individuals, physicians, and employers a comprehensive health and wellness assessment to help identify health risks, manage any health concerns, and ultimately improve one's health.

Midwest Physical Therapy & Fitness Center Staff are ready to provide individuals of all health levels with a complete fitness and wellness profile.

With a few measurements and a detailed consultation, we can help guide you towards achieving your maximum personal potential.

This low cost screen can provide valuable data that could help change your life!


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What will the Initial Fitness Assessment Profile include?

One-on-one time with one of our experienced professional staff who will provide graphical data that will clearly state your fitness and wellness strengths & weaknesses. Goals will be determined from this data and a target follow-up date will be set for future consultation(s).

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

You do not need a referral unless we will be billing your insurance company. Ask us for details on this.

Do I have to be a member of the Fitness Center to take part in HealthTracks?

This is open to the public! No membership is necessary, but it could help aide you in your health goals that will be determined at your consultation.

What do I need to wear? What do I need to bring?

Please wear lightweight, comfortable clothing and good tennis shoes. Make sure to eat your normal meals and bring a light snack & water if you may need it.

How long does each session last?

There is no set time limit; however, most sessions last 15-45 minutes.

What kind of information will I leave with?

You will receive a detailed report with graphs and tips on the areas that need improvement as well as how you compare to others in your age & gender category.

Who Does HealthTracks Benefit?

HealthTracks is not only beneficial for individuals who simply want to assess their overall health status, but it is most beneficial to those that are at risk for, or have, a chronic disease or illness. This helps to assess their current health status and also focus in on key areas. It is advantageous to have a baseline assessment which helps an individual focus their time and energy in the most beneficial areas! Future assessments can then determine if you are on track!

Health insurance & workers compensation costs are two giant expenses for employers. HealthTracks can help an employer reduce both of these expenses by helping their employees improve their health. Healthier employees are more productive, have less illness, and are less likely to be injured. Identifying high risk employees, helping them manage their health accordingly, and being able to track their progress is very valuable in reducing costs.

HealthTracks is a low cost screening & assessment tool that helps identify health risks, can monitor progress & improve clinical outcomes. HealthTracks gathers & integrates assessment data into educational & graphical reports. This provides the physician with accurate, medically based information to help prescribe the personalized course of treatment.

Initial Fitness Assessment Profile: $75

Assessment includes one-on-one session with our professional staff to evaluate your overall health status, which includes determining your fitness and overall wellness score compared to others in your gender & age categories! Goals will then be set to help you reach your highest potential!

Subsequent Assessments: $50

These follow up assessments are to help you confirm that you are staying on track with your initial goals that were set. Additional recommendations will be given if needed! Ideally, 60-90 days are allowed between assessments to allow for maximum personal achievement.

*These assessments may be covered by your health insurance! Ask us how!